Tin Woman Halloween Makeup Tutorial

how to for halloween

It's that time of the year again. Preparing treats, costume planning, all that razzmatazz gearing up for Halloween. If you have been too busy to coordinate a look, here's a simple Halloween makeup look that can be put together in just 30 minutes ... [Continue Reading...]

How to Achieve 3 Fall Eyeliner Trends

Fall Eyeliner Trends

Unique eyeliner styles were seen all over the fall fashion runways. Here are some quick tutorials so you can achieve the same looks seen on the models! I like to use Gel Eyeliner with an Eyeliner brush to get all of these looks. Using a brush make ... [Continue Reading...]

7 Sneakers to Rev Up Your Wardrobe

7 Sneakers to Rev up Your wardrobe.png

Think you can only wear sneakers to go to the gym? Not anymore! Sneakers are now stealing some of the spotlight and making their way into fashion forward outfits. Incorporate sneakers into casual, edgy, and dressy looks, and add your own spin to make ... [Continue Reading...]

Top Ten Beauty September


1. Avocado Oil Now, I know what you’re thinking… Avocado oil? Yes... using this helps you take off a days worth of makeup in one swipe. There are so many benefits to using an oil on your skin as well, such as regenerative and moisturizing properties ... [Continue Reading...]

5 Creative Ways to Rock a Dark Lip!

Ways to rock a dark lip

  Lorde is known for it, Jennifer Lawrence has started doing it... and we can't wait to do it, too! What's trending right now? Dark lips.    Some tips to make sure you get it right: - Line the outside of your lips with ... [Continue Reading...]

7 Feminine Collared Tops

7 Feminine Collared Tops

Looking for a way to add a feminine touch to your Fall wardrobe? A collared shirt or dress might be just the thing you need. A collar is such a simple, yet effective way for elevating your outfit, and instantly adds some glam. Collars come in all ... [Continue Reading...]

7 Fall Ready Plaid Looks

7 Fall Ready Looks- Plaid

Think plaid can only be worn for lazy school days or weekends around the house? Think again! Plaid can be dressed up or down in countless ways, and can work for any occasion. Celebrities, bloggers, and even royalty, know that plaid is trendy and ... [Continue Reading...]

3 Ways to Transition You Makeup from Summer To Fall

3 Ways to Transition your Makeup from Summer to Fall

Since the fall season is here, I've been making an effort to incorporate the fall makeup trends into my daily look! Here are some easy ways to transition your makeup looks from Summer to Fall. 1. Fresh and Bright to Deep and Vampy: Bright, lighter ... [Continue Reading...]