13 Films to Inspire Your Fashion Sense

Movie theater with plush seats and a banner that says 13 Films to Inspire Your Fashion Sense

I love movies. From the plush seats to the smell of fresh popcorn and the thrill of excitement as the lights go down, the movie theater is a place that is certain to enchant and delight audiences of all ages. As spring draws to a close and summer ... [Continue Reading...]

5 Favorite Uses for Translucent Powder

Multiple kinds of translucent powder

Most people see translucent powder as a product used mostly for setting makeup or blotting the face when shine appears, but some of my favorite ways to use translucent powder are a little non-traditional! Here are my favorites (in no particular ... [Continue Reading...]

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Review

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Review1

 A good mascara can transform your makeup look and really open up your eyes and make them seem more expressive. For those who were not born with Kardashian level lashes, and who are not into false lashes (like me,) finding the right mascara is an ... [Continue Reading...]

5 Must Read Books for Beauty Addicts

Book with Pages Bent to Form a Heart

I'm a beauty addict and an avid reader. I'm sure I'm not alone. Some of my favorites books have been based on the idea of self-improvement. I love reading books that promise to help me become a better person and feel better in my own skin. If you ... [Continue Reading...]

NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel Review

NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel Review

Lip gloss is a quick and easy way to add some lovely color to your face, and make you stand out. The NYX butter gloss has a semi cult-like following, and can be found in places such as Target and Ulta. There are a number of pros and cons to ... [Continue Reading...]

11 Chic Chambray Looks for Summer

11 Chic Chambray Looks for Summer.png

Chambray is the perfect look for summer because it is lightweight, flattering, and easy to wear. Chambray comes in all types of shades, patterns, and structures, and creates a blank canvas for you to style it however you want. The denim look has been ... [Continue Reading...]

What Are Your Summer Bag Essentials?

summer bag essentials

Now that summer is officially here, I plan on spending as much time in and around water as possible. As a kid the most important thing to bring to the pool was a noodle and water balloons, but as I’ve grown older and arguably wiser, my poolside ... [Continue Reading...]

Summer Sunset Eye Makeup Tutorial

Picture tutorial for eye makeup inspired by the sunset.

During my recent trip to the beach, I was mesmerized by the gorgeous colors created when the sun sets. I decided to do a tutorial mimic the sunset in a wearable, everyday-appropriate way! Products Needed: -Matte Cream-Colored Eyeshadow (or a ... [Continue Reading...]